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About Chickpea

My first marathon, a response to the panic of turning thirty, turned out to be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I've ever had. Since then I have been hooked on endurance, especially trail running. I've found a comfortable home in the endurance community, where the value we place on discipline and stoke well outweigh the value of wins and PR's.

My mission here at Salt and Persistence is to connect with and inspire other like-minded women. It's possible to work full time, live a balanced life, and get out there and shred. Any woman can be an endurance athlete. She just needs some salt and persistence.


I am average, as most of us are. I am not a physician or a trainer or a coach. My work here is to collect the wisdom I've gained from the community of runners and from my own personal experiences, and my work will change and evolve based on that. I'm biased heavily in favor of adventure and fitness but we must all take the personal responsibility to consult our complete team of health practitioners before any undertaking. Do not mistake this blog for medical advice or professional expertise; trail and endurance running has inherent risks and I cannot be held responsible for your choices and experience.

Community Standards

What can we all expect from the content and community at Salt and Persistence?

  • Mutual support for the community of women, wherever we may fall on the spectrum of race, religion, gender or sexuality. It's hard for minorities to succeed in this sport and we will have no tolerance for anyone who makes it harder.
  • No discussion of pace/time/results beyond whether or not you finished and how you felt about it. These are valuable accomplishments, but they are not the focus here. Winners, mid-packers, BOTP's and DNF's have equally valid experiences which we want to honor without unproductive competition or comparisons.
  • No spam, misinformation, harassment or shady shenanigans. Be cool. Do I really have to say it?