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    What I packed for the 2019 DEST Relay

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As I was packing my running kits for the 2019 DEST Relay, I posted a photo of the pile of gear and munchies I was bringing with me. A friend, Bookworm, asked for a list of what everything was, and I realized this week, flipping through photos on my phone, that I hadn't done it yet.

Bookworm, this is for you:

1. There are two drawstring backpacks at the bottom of the pile, one pink (labelled "finish") and one white (labelled "race course"). I usually use these to sort gear into two important categories: what I want my crew to bring me on race course and what I want waiting for me at the finish. For the relay, I packed one bag with what I wanted between relay legs and the other for after my final leg.

2. Two Garmin watches, one my beloved running watch and the other my back-up that I also use for casual wear. I raced in one and planned to put on the other, smaller one after my finish. However, I lent my backup to a team member whose GPS had met an untimely demise days before the relay.

3. Goodr sunglasses in a fabric flamingo bag. Relays mean your shit gets tossed around, lovingly, as people rummage for their gear. No way was I bringing my more expensive glasses to DEST.

4. Hammer Gel packs. I take fruity flavors while I run and save the chocolate for recovery. 

5. Nut butter pack. This goes in my race belt for armageddon reasons. If I ever bonk so hard I'm thinking about quitting, I take this protein and calorie bomb, drink up, and walk 15-20 minutes. Usually it's enough to get me back into the game.

6. A micro first aid kit in a prescription bottle. Again, for armageddon reasons.

7. A race belt. It has storage for my phone, a 500mL soft flask, eye drops, chapstick and tie-ons for a wind shell or another light layer.

8. A sling for a hand-held soft flask with storage for my armageddon supplies and gels.

9. A snack baggie with Swedish Fish, my preferred quick carbs.

10. My inhaler.

11. Alternative Baking Company vegan snickerdoodle. It was 90F during the days and well into the 70's overnight with stifling humidity. These cookies always digest well and were my real-food solution between legs. I was running just under 20 miles total and needed to get in and keep down some gentle calories to make it possible.

12. Skratch hydration packs. Electrolytes and some easy calories to mix into my flasks.

13. Nuun tabs. It was hot enough to consider taking in electrolytes without the GI stress of processing calories too.

14. S-Caps. Basically salt pills with some other electrolytes to balance my fluids. They're a stronger option that Nuun and necessary in the heat.

15. A headlamp and USB charger. I'm not bothered by isolation or afraid of nocturnal wildlife, so I took the most remote legs, which were coincidentally all overnight.

16. A flashing clip-on light. Required by safety rules, but a good idea at night regardless.

17. Two reflector garments, one harness-style and the other vest-style. I wasn't sure how well my harness would dry between legs so I packed my vest to give me choices. I think another teammate wound up wearing that too.

19. A baggie with Kleenex and a five-dollar bill. For if I ever need to drop.

20. Deer-fly patches. They were heinous in the daylight. We actually had a prize for the teammate who caught the most.

21. A fly swatter, spray-painted gold. The aforementioned prize for the deer-fly champ.

Bookworm, do you see something I missed?

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